The Hot Rod Revolution is a Pre-1948 TRADITIONAL Hot Rod Show!

You read that, right? We’ve got a small venue and want to keep it packed with the right cars. Of course, we are also pretty laid back guys and none of us have the personality it would take to sit at the gate and pick apart cars that might or might not meet the standard it takes to park on the hallowed grounds in Gruene, Texas.

So, what to do? To get your car into the Hot Rod Revolution, you must pre-register!


Register Now!

To pre-register for the Hot Rod Revolution, simply shoot us an email and include the year, make, and model of your hot rod along with a picture. Again, you must send a picture of the car you plan to bring.

Once we get that picture and so long as your car is appropriate, we will repy with a show application and give you a few options for payment.

With any luck, this will all go smooth as butter.

Send Us A Registration Email Now!


It’s Not At All Expensive…

Registering your car will run you $50. That gets you and one passenger into the show – additional spectators will be charged a cool $10.

Pretty damned cheap for all of the entertainment we plan to hit your ass over the head with – huh?